u-boot, MPC8313erdb

Mike Timmons mike_timmons at trimble.com
Sat Jun 21 01:06:06 EST 2008

The environment variable ethact does not, "stick" for me either,
although it's not an issue for me. Look in eth.c to learn when/how it is
initialized. Note the CONFIG_NET_MULTI constant (I have it defined, but
I'm not sure why).


I bet you have that defined in your board header file. Take a look and
see if you can get your custom ethact to stick by defining or undefining
that or something.





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We are using the board MPC8313ERDB and we are facing problems regarding
u-boot environment variables(the environment variables displayed after
giving 'printenv' command at u-boot prompt).

We are following the steps stated as below:

1. =>printenv

output is:
bootargs=root=/dev/mtdblock2 rootfstype=jffs2 rw console=ttyS0,115200
bootcmd=bootm fe100000 - fe700000
ipaddr= <> 
serverip= <> 

Here ethact is TSEC0 by default.

2. =>setenv ethact TSEC1
3. =>saveenv
Saving Environment to Flash...
Un-Protected 1 sectors
Erasing Flash...
. done
Erased 1 sectors
Writing to Flash... done
Protected 1 sectors

Here we have set the ethact variable to TSEC1 and saved it. Now it is
showing that this value of ethact is burnt in flash. But after the board
is reset, 

4. =>printenv

ipaddr= <> 
serverip= <> 

Here again the value of ethact is changed to TSEC0.

we have following questions:

question 1: We want to know the reason why it(ethact variable) changes
to TSEC0 everytime with a reset.

question2: After we have set ethact to TSEC1 and saved it(=>saveenv) and
tried to ping the Host from u-boot prompt it is working (displaying:
'host alive').
But when we are trying to ping Target board from the host it is showing:

PING <>  (
<> ) 56(84) bytes of data.

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