Anybody have an mpc5200b mscan linux driver under 2.6.24, ARCH=powerpc or equiv?

Mike Timmons mike_timmons at
Wed Jun 18 23:32:14 EST 2008

I'm trying to wrestle the peak CAN driver for the old, non-device-tree
ppc into submission but I'm making a mess of it so far.

I think I'll get it going at some point, but if anybody has or knows of
an mscan driver for the mpc5200 can you alert me?


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Mike Winter wrote:
> We are developing with an 8248-based platform, and we have a vendor 
> telling us that the PCI hardware is unreliable on this CPU family, in 
> particular the DMA functionality.  A quick search of this list doesn't

> turn up any horror stories, although the processor does have some PCI 
> errata listed.  Does anybody have any practical experience using PCI
> the 8248 or similar that they can share with me?   Thanks.

Make sure that you park the bus on PCI, and elevate PCI's arbitration 
priority.  See fixup_pci() in arch/powerpc/boot/cuboot-pq2.c.

I haven't had a problem with PCI DMA when that is done, though I haven't

done significant stress testing.

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