Device tree for powerpc boards.

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Sat Jun 14 08:13:50 EST 2008

Hi, Jon:

Thanks a lot for your explanation.


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Leonid wrote:
> Hi:


> 1) Is the usage of device tree absolutely mandatory for powerpc boards

> or just recommended and by combining appropriate defines in u-boot and

> linux it can be avoided?

Consider it mandatory.

> 2) I understood that I can add my proprietary drivers without creating

> nodes for them in the tree, is it correct?

Maybe, maybe not.  Device Trees describe _hardware_, not drivers.

> 3) In order to compile DT blob from DT source, DT compiler (dtc) is 
> required. I have installed one on my ubuntu machine and successfully 
> compiled source, creating a blob. Is this the only way to go? Perhaps 
> there is some target in Linux or u-boot Makefiles which does this job?

Install the DTC anyway you want.  I recommend grabbing it from
and building it.


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