Question on assigning interrupts in a dts

Scott Wood scottwood at
Fri Jun 13 03:52:55 EST 2008

Michael Galea wrote:
> Hi All,
>     I'm building a dts for a custom 8360 based board.  I'm looking at 
> the mpc8360_mds and mpc8360_rdk dts files, trying to figure out how the 
> UCCs (and all peripherals in general) got the values of their 
> "interrupts" properties chosen.

As someone else pointed out, you get the values from the manual.  The 
second cell of the IPIC interrupt specifier is the level/sense 
information (8 == level triggered, active low, 2 == rising edge).

>  And is there any relationship between 
> the choice of interrupts for ucc1 and the qeic controller..

No.  All QE interrupts are multiplexed over either IPIC 32 or IPIC 33. 
UCC0 and UCC1 just happen to be QEIC 32 and QEIC 33, respectively.


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