Help on MPC82XX USB Host controller Development using m82xx-hcd.

gforgcc narendra.ka at
Wed Jun 4 20:47:56 EST 2008

Laurent Pinchart-4 wrote:
> The good news is that Anton Vorontsov wrote and posted a FHCI driver for 
> QE-based parts on the linux-ppc mailing list (search the archive for
> "[PATCH] 
> Freescale QUICC Engine USB Host Controller"). The driver can be easily 
> modified to work with CPM2-based parts.
> The bad news is that, from my experience with the CPM2, the controller is 
> almost unusable. It eats around 40% CPU time on my MPC8248 system, and 
> requires software help to generate SOF tokens, which results in bad SOF 
> tokens being sent on the bus. Most USB disks don't seem to care, but all
> the 
> USB Bluetooth host controllers I've tested crashed.
> We will be looking for an external USB host controller (or even another
> CPU) 
> for the next revision of the design.
oh.. woww.. great info...  :) :) thanks a million.. 
Right now I am just trying to get a USB -WiFi adapter working with EP8248
board.  Did you have a go at any USB WiFi devices?

Yes hogging processor for 40% of time is a big issue...I guess at this
moment I don't have any other options like respining or using 83xx
processors so I would like to give a try with this once.  Do you have a
patch for getting the CPM2 posted any where? If not can you send me the

Thanks and Regards 

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