Help on MPC82XX USB Host controller Development using m82xx-hcd.

gforgcc narendra.ka at
Wed Jun 4 20:12:58 EST 2008

Laurent Pinchart-4 wrote:
> The cpm2usb project isn't maintained. If possible you should upgrade to a
> more 
> recent kernel and switch to the powerpc architecture where a new USB
> driver 
> called fhci is available.
> The MPC872ADS is supported in recent kernels so switching shouldn't be too 
> difficult.

Hi Laurent,
i have some basic queries, i have some knowledge on what is UHCI or OHCI,
but can you please brief me what is FHCI and some info regarding this ?
googling on this dint help me much.. :(
we are using powerpc architecture with latest kernel 2.6.25.. and trying to
implement the USB host controller driver and have similar problems.. 

Thanks and Regards,
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