How accessing to my IP registers from Linux

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Tue Jun 3 17:23:07 EST 2008


I have put xilinx kernel on my board : a memec FX12 based on a Virtex 4 FX.
Everything thing is OK, I have my serial console, Ethernet is also OK.

I have to make some drivers. For example one for the LCD screen. It is my
first driver so I want to try with something easier like LEDs. I know there
is a driver from Xilinx but I want to do it by myself. Moreover it is only a
file to adapt Xilinx standelone driver for Kernel.

I try to read and to write the registers of my GPIO IP which is working, I
have made some tests in standelone. How accessing to these registers ?

I have tried with this for example but without success :

ptr = ioremap_nocache(0x70001e00,0x00000004);
printk("GPIO_DATA (readl): %u\n",readl(ptr));

readl, outl, ioread32 : same result.


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