USB Host-to-Serial or USB Host-to-Ethernet

Huub Eikens huubeikens at
Mon Jun 2 19:22:07 EST 2008

I have platform based on the Freescale MPC8270 processor that runs on linux 2.4.25. On it I want to mount a memory stick. Due to hardware (layout) restrictions , I cannot use an external USB Host Controller. Also, I cannot use the on-chip USB Host Controller since there is no driver available that is reliable and has good performance.
Therefor, I am exploring the possibility of doing a USB-to-Serial or USB-to-ethernet. Does anyone know which chip to use for which a driver exists for linux 2.4.25? Note that such a chip must act as a USB Host (!). 
Also please note that I cannot migrate to linux version 2.6 since I am dependent on external SW components that cannot be migrated that easy.
Thanks in advance,
Huub Eikens
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