Error occured when appended FPGA image in the section of .init.text then bootup

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Sun Jun 1 05:44:52 EST 2008

On Sat, 31 May 2008 14:34:34 -0400
"David H. Lynch Jr." <dhlii at> wrote:

>  I do not think the patch in question is board specific.
> It has been arround for a long time. And I think alot of people have
> been bitten by the problem.
> It is required for my board.
> I think it is required for any board that generates a large enough image.
> I would be happy to signoff on it - it works/is necescary on my board.

You can't sign off on it.  It's not your patch.  The original author
needs to do so.  See the text of the Developer's Certificate of Origin
1.1, in Documentation/SubmittingPatches.

I really don't think adding this patch is going to do anyone any good
when the entire arch/ppc subdirectory is going to be deleted in a week
or two.

> I can not seem to find the same code in arch/powerpc so I have no clue
> whether something similar might be needed there.

That specific code doesn't exist.


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