RT-Preemption Kernel 2.6.25

Darcy Watkins dwatkins at tranzeo.com
Thu Jul 31 00:59:09 EST 2008


I noticed an RT-Preemption patch for kernel 2.6.26 (brand new) and
updates to the RT-Preemption patch for kernel 2.6.24.

Does anyone know what the state is regarding kernel 2.6.25 and whether
or not an updated RT-Preemption patch will soon be released for it?

I am using RT-Preemption with kernel 2.6.25 on a PPC405EP and experience
mysterious exceptions involving rt_spinlock_slow_lock() when my system
gets loaded to the point where the CPU becomes saturated.  I want to
update and retest before diving in further.

Also, someone please point me to where email discussion, change logs,
etc are kept for RT-Preemption.  I only find patches at kernel.org, not
project info.  I'd like to be able to see change descriptions related to
patch updates (at least the updates related to development / maintenance
- I know some patch changes are just to keep sync with the kernel
development itself).

Thanks in advance.




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