No output from SMC1 console with the 2.6.26 kernel (PQ2FADS based board)

Matvejchikov Ilya matvejchikov at
Tue Jul 29 16:10:27 EST 2008

No, it's not working for me :(

My pins is configured by u-boot so I disable init_ioports() function
call. Moreover the udbg0 console forks fine... I have no output at all
after "udbg_putc = NULL" line in the cpm_uart driver. As I see it the
cpm_uart driver doesn't run properly after udbg console has turned

2008/7/28 Scott Wood <scottwood at>:
> Matvejchikov Ilya wrote:
>>                cpm at 119c0 {
>>                        #address-cells = <1>;
>>                        #size-cells = <1>;
>>                        #interrupt-cells = <2>;
>>                        compatible = "fsl,mpc8280-cpm", "fsl,cpm2";
> Add "simple-bus" to this compatible list.
> Other than that, and that you should be using dts-v1, the tree looks fine.
>  If adding "simple-bus" doesn't fix it, check your pin setup; pq2fads
> doesn't have an SMC serial port, so its platform file doesn't set up those
> pins.
> -Scott

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