BUG with U-boot 1.1.4 and kernel 2.6.23 scanning PCIe on a MPC8641D board

Siva Prasad sprasad at bivio.net
Wed Jul 23 06:09:24 EST 2008

Hi Joachim,

We did not had a crash, but had some problem with assigning resources
for PCI bus on 8641D. Your issue may be related or not, I am not really

You might want to check out MSI patch. Currently this is already there
for few other FSL processors like 85xx, but not for 86xx.

- Siva

joachim.bader at diehl-aerospace.de Wrote:

Hello folks,

we run a proprietary board with Freescale MPC8641D using U-boot 1.1.4
Linux kernel 2.6.23

First of all, we are no experts in PCIe-Bus handling and management.
We started with the problem that U-Boot was able to scan the devices 
connected to PCIe-Bus where the kernel fails.
Using the information provided by Vince Asbridge regarding the different

numbering of devices on PCIe bus by U-Boot and kernel we were able to
the kernel up recognizing the devices correctly.
Thanks for this info.

But now we are blocked by an exception in kernel mode during 
initialisation of the PCIe-Buses and devices. We instrumented the kernel

additional to the standard print outs to get more information and to 
understand the behavior of the scan and allocation process. But now we
lost. I assume that the problem is caused by the transparent bridges.

I appent here after the trace log. Perhaps someone knows this problem 
already or can give me a hint .

I read in the logs some messages that 2.6.23 does contain some bugs 
related to PCIe and it would be a good choice to upgrade to 2.6.25. Is 
this one of that cases?
Currently we would like to prevent switching the kernel version.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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