Problem with cuImage Linux entry from old U-boot

Scott Wood scottwood at
Wed Jul 23 04:20:30 EST 2008

Mike Timmons wrote:
> Related question: I'm using a newer U-boot and managing the load of the
> kernel and the device tree from separate partitions of my boot media.
> Having the two partitions and managing the kernel and the tree
> separately is a bit cumbersome, or maybe I'm just lazy. Regardless, can
> I just use that "static" file name option when I build the kernel, load
> the cuImage, and just invoke 
> bootm <cuImageLoadAddress> ?
> Will it work to just leave off the - <device tree Ram address>
> I think I had it set-p right yesterday and I gave it a try, but no joy.
> Can it be this simple to statically link the device tree with the kernel
> build? For my application I don't see a benefit in keeping them separate
> (the kernel and the tree).

Yes, you can use cuImage to bundle the device tree with the kernel (note 
that the type of image you use *must* match the type of bootm command 
you use), though it's not recommended if you have a u-boot that can 
properly pass a device tree.  cuImage relies on the bd_t to get 
information from u-boot, and this is a very fragile structure, and 
contains less information than the device tree.


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