Help: Kernel BUG with U-boot 1.1.4 and kernel 2.6.23 scanning PCIe on a MPC8641D board

Jon Loeliger jdl at
Wed Jul 23 02:57:05 EST 2008

joachim.bader at wrote:
> Hello folks,
> we run a proprietary board with Freescale MPC8641D using U-boot 1.1.4 
> and Linux kernel 2.6.23

> I read in the logs some messages that 2.6.23 does contain some bugs 
> related to PCIe


> and it would be a good choice to upgrade to 2.6.25. Is 
> this one of that cases?

Almost certainly.  You should pick up top of tree if you can.

> Currently we would like to prevent switching the kernel version.

You could back-port the PCIe bug fixes and rewrite if you wanted.
My guess is that a _trial_ run of the current top of tree,
or at least 2.6.26 might Just Work and fix your issues.

It would be less work to try it than do discover-n-back-port...


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