Problem with cuImage Linux entry from old U-boot

Stephen Horton SHorton at
Tue Jul 22 06:39:55 EST 2008

Hello folks,


As I have posted recently before, in a current work project, I have
inherited a compactPCI board that has an mpc7447/7448 powerpc processor
as well as a Marvell system controller, model mv64462 (stripped down
mv64460). The board has a somewhat working Gentoo Linux port running on
it from long ago and a company far far away (kernel version 2.6.9 built
using arch/ppc). To prepare for an upcoming deployment, I would like to
bring the OS up-to-date on this board with a newer kernel (targeting


I have made great strides with help from this mailing list and its
archives. I now have a compiled cuImage ready to boot from my older
working u-boot 1.1.2. I now seem to be stuck at the kernel entry point.
I'm not sure if I'm trying to jump into the kernel at the wrong address,
or if I have a serial console issue that prevents me from seeing anymore
progress. Here is my output:


debug> bootm
## Booting image at 00800000 ...
   Image Name:   Linux-2.6.24-gentoo-r3
   Image Type:   PowerPC Linux Kernel Image (gzip compressed)
   Data Size:    1515921 Bytes =  1.4 MB
   Load Address: 00400000
   Entry Point:  0040095c
   Verifying Checksum ... OK
   Uncompressing Kernel Image ... OK
## Transferring control to Linux (at address 0040095c) ...
Memory <- <0x0 0x10000000> (256MB)
ENET0: local-mac-address <- 00:a0:d6:62:38:89
CPU clock-frequency <- 0x3b9ac9d8 (1000MHz)
CPU timebase-frequency <- 0x27bc86a (42MHz)
CPU bus-frequency <- 0x9ef21aa (167MHz)


zImage starting: loaded at 0x00400000 (sp: 0x0febfa38)
Allocating 0x35f040 bytes for kernel ...
gunzipping (0x00000000 <- 0x0040d000:0x00735db0)...done 0x312b34 bytes


Linux/PowerPC load: ip=bootp root=/dev/nfs rw nfsroot=/opt/gentoo
Finalizing device tree... flat tree at 0x7423a0




If I run 'nm' on my elf image, I expect to find some entry point address
that corresponds to 0x7423a0, but this is not the case. See nm output
below.  Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?


[root at blade3 boot]# nm cuImage.giganew.elf

00736060 b alloc_min

00736058 b alloc_tbl

00400838 T backwards_memcpy

0073606c b bd

00736000 b bridge_base

00736000 A __bss_start

00736010 b chr1

00736014 b chr2

0040aadc d cmdline

00741ee0 B console_ops

00404620 t copy_val

00736018 b cpcr

00736004 b cpld_base

004060f4 t cpm1_cmd

00406174 t cpm2_cmd

00736028 b cpm_cmd

00405d84 T cpm_console_init

00406440 t cpm_serial_getc

00406334 t cpm_serial_open

004062c0 t cpm_serial_putc

00405d3c t cpm_serial_tstc

00405c60 T cuboot_init

00741c14 b cxt

0040a1e4 d dbase.1092

0040a1a4 d dext.1093

0073603c b disable_port

00741d30 b discard_buf.1378

00409922 d distfix.1169

004022e8 T __div64_32

00736034 b do_cmd

0040c098 A _dtb_end

0040ace0 A _dtb_start

00404c38 T dt_fixup_clock

00404cbc T dt_fixup_cpu_clocks

00404aec T dt_fixup_mac_address

00404b7c T __dt_fixup_mac_addresses

00404dec T dt_fixup_memory

00404500 T dt_get_reg_format

00404584 T dt_is_compatible

00741ef4 B dt_ops

00404684 t dt_xlate

00404a00 T dt_xlate_addr

00404a80 T dt_xlate_reg

00736000 A _edata

00736038 b enable_port

00742000 A _end

00408c98 A _etext

00400108 t exit

00401640 t exit

00402420 t exit

004044c4 t exit

00401cac t fdtm_create_node

00401c10 t fdtm_finalize

00401de4 t fdtm_finddevice

00401c54 t fdtm_find_node_by_prop_value

00401cf4 t fdtm_get_parent

00401bc0 t fdtm_get_path

00401d8c t fdtm_getprop

00401d34 t fdtm_setprop

00400000 t finddevice

00401e28 t finddevice

0040430c t finddevice

004050b8 t find_node_by_devtype

004000b0 t find_node_by_prop_value

0040446c t find_node_by_prop_value

0040092c T flush_cache

004073ac T ft_add_rsvmap

004077d4 T ft_begin

00408024 T ft_begin_node

004078b0 T ft_begin_tree

004080c4 T ft_create_node

004072d8 T ft_del_prop

004069b0 T ft_end_node

00406b7c T ft_end_tree

00407428 T ft_find_descendent

004075ec T ft_find_device

004079f0 T __ft_find_node_by_prop_value

00407af8 T ft_find_node_by_prop_value

00407b88 T __ft_get_parent

00407c74 T ft_get_parent

004078c4 T ft_get_path

00406890 t ft_get_phandle

00406ab4 t __ft_get_prop

00406e4c T ft_get_prop

00401b24 T ft_init

00406f48 t ft_make_space

004069d4 t ft_next

0040690c t ft_node_ph2node

00406938 t ft_node_update_after

004081b4 T ft_nop

00407674 T ft_open

00407cdc T ft_prop

00407f84 T ft_prop_int

00407fc8 T ft_prop_str

00406edc t ft_put_bin

00407e44 T ft_set_prop

00406c78 t ft_shuffle

00404414 t get_parent

00400058 t getprop

00401e80 t getprop

00404364 t getprop

00404fec t getprop

004057e8 t getprop

00405ce4 t getprop

0040820c t getprop

0040023c t giganew_fixups

00400530 t giganew_reset

0040aadc D __got2_end

0040a6e0 D __got2_start

004025dc T gunzip_discard

00402574 T gunzip_exactly

0040251c T gunzip_finish

0040245c T gunzip_partial

0040264c T gunzip_start

007364a4 b gzstate

00408804 T inflate_fast

00736000 A _initrd_end

00736000 A _initrd_start

0040a262 d lbase.1090

004099a2 d lenfix.1168

0040a224 d lext.1091

00741eb0 B loader_info

004008dc T memchr

00400904 T memcmp

00400780 T memcpy

00400778 T memmove

0040071c T memset

0040650c T mpc5200_psc_console_init

00736008 b mpsc_base

004058e8 T mpsc_console_init

00405a68 t mpsc_getc

00405840 t mpsc_get_virtreg_of_phandle

0073600c b mpscintr_base

00405b64 t mpsc_open

00405ae4 t mpsc_putc

00405c14 t mpsc_tstc

00736030 b muram_offset

0073602c b muram_start

0040520c T mv64x60_cfg_read

004052f8 T mv64x60_cfg_write

00405288 T mv64x60_config_cpu2pci_window

004055cc T mv64x60_config_ctlr_windows

00405408 T mv64x60_config_pci_windows

0040a4a4 d mv64x60_cpu2mem

0040a6a0 D mv64x60_cpu2pci_io

0040a6c0 D mv64x60_cpu2pci_mem

0040a59c d mv64x60_dram_selects

0040a5ac d mv64x60_enet2mem

00405134 T mv64x60_get_bridge_base

004051a0 T mv64x60_get_bridge_pbase

0040536c T mv64x60_get_mem_size

0040a60c d mv64x60_idma2mem

00405044 T mv64x60_is_coherent

0040a5dc d mv64x60_mpsc2mem

0040a564 d mv64x60_pci2mem

0040a584 d mv64x60_pci2reg

0040a4d4 d mv64x60_pci_acc

0040a63c d mv64x60_pci_cfgio

00736064 b next_base

00406980 t next_start

004082c0 T ns16550_console_init

004083f0 t ns16550_getc

00408264 t ns16550_open

00408464 t ns16550_putc

00408394 t ns16550_tstc

00400abc t number

004098fc d order.1221

0073601c b param

00402854 T parse_elf32

004027b4 T parse_elf64

00400144 T platform_init

00741ec4 B platform_ops

         w _platform_stack_top

004014c8 T printf

00741db0 b prop_buf

00736048 b psc

00406614 t psc_getc

004064b0 t psc_open

004065b8 t psc_putc

004064c0 t psc_tstc

00736040 B rbdf

0073604c b reg_base

00736050 b reg_base

00736054 b reg_shift

00736024 b scc

00406258 t scc_disable_port

004061f0 t scc_enable_port

00741d1c b serial_cd

00401f84 t serial_close

00401fd4 T serial_console_init

004021a8 t serial_edit_cmdline

00401ed8 t serial_open

00401f20 t serial_write

004015e8 t setprop

004043bc t setprop

0040868c T simple_alloc_init

004085d4 t simple_find_entry

00408658 t simple_free

004084d0 t simple_malloc

00408754 t simple_realloc

00400a78 t skip_atoi

00736020 b smc

0040608c t smc_disable_port

00406024 t smc_enable_port

00736068 b space_left

007360a4 b sprint_buf

00401574 T sprintf

0040167c T start

00400000 A _start

0040aadc A __start___builtin_cmdline

0040acdc A __stop___builtin_cmdline

0040066c T strcat

00400698 T strchr

004006b8 T strcmp

00400628 T strcpy

00400704 T strlen

004006dc T strncmp

00400644 T strncpy

00400a44 T strnlen

00736044 B tbdf

0073605c b tbl_entries

0040a69c D timebase_period_ns

004066c4 T uartlite_console_init

004067d0 t uartlite_getc

00406678 t uartlite_open

00406834 t uartlite_putc

00406784 t uartlite_tstc

00402384 T udelay

004023b0 t .udelay_not_601

00735db0 A _vmlinux_end

0040d000 A _vmlinux_start

00400dd4 T vsprintf

00400968 W _zimage_start

00400968 T _zimage_start_lib

00400958 T _zimage_start_opd

004028f4 t zlib_adler32

00402dc0 T zlib_inflate

00402bb4 T zlib_inflateEnd

00402cf8 T zlib_inflateIncomp

00402b1c T zlib_inflateInit2

00402a90 T zlib_inflateReset

00403dd4 T zlib_inflate_table

00402a7c T zlib_inflate_workspacesize

00402be0 t zlib_updatewindow

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