how to allocate 9MB of memory in kernel ?

Siva Prasad sprasad at
Fri Jul 18 06:15:19 EST 2008


May be I am missing some thing. I am sure you looked at the obvious.

Is there any reason why you are not using blocked read in application
pthread (a separate thread if necessary), so that driver provides that
value back to the application. Isn't that the right way to implement?

- Siva

Misbah khan <misbah_khan at> wrote:

In have a sdram of size 9MB which i would map to kernel space (ioremap
do that ) the whole 9 MB kernel virtual memory i need to map to the
application , the application would read when driver has complited
and vice versa this implimentation would be in a circular buffer type.
size of my RAM is 128 MB 

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