use xilinx gpio from linux on a ppc405

Joachim Meyer Jogi95 at
Thu Jul 17 23:40:20 EST 2008

Hi Jens

Thanks for your fast answer.
I have some questions befor I try it out:
1. Can I proof, if my gpio is correctly connected with my design or should I try it to proof it?
2. Is the code you send c? If yes, do I need any specific libaries? Then I crosscompile it, put it on my Board and it should work?
3. In edk I saw This at the 4 LEDs:
Base Adress: 0x40000000
High Adress: 0x4000ffff
How would it be for my case? Something like this:

char *mapped_address = ioremap(0x40000000, 0xffff);
writeb(0xffff, mapped_address); 

I don't understand why the there are so many steps between the base and the high adress. 

Thanks and Greez
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