LIME on MPC5200B ioremap problem

Alex_SYS schmid-grafenau at
Sat Jul 12 23:22:10 EST 2008

I have an MPC5200B with Linux and an Grafic Chip Lime on the LPB !
The Lime is configured under U-Boot und works very fine in 800x480x16 bit
In Linux I adapted the Virtual Framebuffer driver! There are only three
things necessary:
   1: check_mem (0xE0000000, 750kB)      ->thats OK
   2: io__mem_request(0xE0000000, 750kB)    ->thats OK , too
   3_ioremap(0xE0000000, 750kB)    ->thats OK , too
   3: write Io request to framebuffers screen_base
The Kernel with Grafics output works fine with 800x350 resolution or 580x480
and so on.
But when I use 800x480, the screen output is OK, But the kernel crashes with
custom trace stop.
I have found out that it must be a ioremap failure, because it has to do
with the space i request!
It works fine if the mem_remap is under 546kB! Exactly it is not the space,
but the upper adress!
Because ioremap(0xE00000860, 500kB) crashes also the Kernel!
It seems like ioremap can`t give me the adresses upper
(0xE00000000+546kB)=0xE00088B80 ?
What can be the problem?

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