mpc744x, Marvell mv6446x kernel guidance please

Stephen Horton SHorton at
Fri Jul 11 13:46:49 EST 2008

Hello folks,

In a current work project, I have inherited a compactPCI board that has
an mpc7447/7448 powerpc processor as well as a Marvell system
controller, model mv64462 (stripped down mv64460). The board has a
somewhat working Gentoo Linux port running on it from long ago and a
company far far away (kernel version 2.6.9 built using arch/ppc). To
prepare for an upcoming deployment, I would like to bring the OS
up-to-date on this board with a newer kernel (targeting Gentoo 2008),
but I am unsure of the approach to take. I am a software developer, but
normally do not work on kernel porting / board integration. I have
researched the arch/ppc to arch/powerpc migration, but I'm a bit
intimidated by the 'new' device tree symantics and other changes to the
stream. Here are some questions:

1.	Is it possible with the 2.6.24 (Gentoo 2008) kernel to still use
arch/ppc for this platform architecture?  I've tried to get this to
compile, but am having trouble with files from arch/powerpc getting
pulled in; then I read some comments (from I believe this forum) that
indicated that arch/ppc is not longer supposed to compile
2.	Does anyone have example code for this platform architecture?
Any freebees I could use for creating my device tree?
3.	Any advice of any kind?



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