Booting ML405 (Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found)

Ron Sass rsass at
Fri Jul 11 01:54:08 EST 2008

In addition to what John wrote, I would also investigate your ramdisk.
I would be sure to check that you have the permissions/owner set correctly
on bin/busybox.  Also, I would double check that, if you compiled busybox
with shared libraries, the shared libraries are in the right place
on your ramdisk.


> Hi,
> Yes I am using ARCH=ppc (actual line is $make ARCH=ppc 
> CROSS_COMPILE=powerpc-405-linux-gnu- zImage.initrd ) for this I have 
> placed ramdisk.image.gz in arch/ppc/boot/images. In case of ARCH=powerpc 
> I cannot find processor type 405 , in make menuconfig. Thats why i am 
> using ARCH=ppc.
> And when I give kernel command string as init=/bin/sh , it says :
>  >Failed to execute /bin/sh.  Attempting defaults...
> [    3.744035] Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found.  Try passing 
> init= option to kernel.
> [    3.768073] Rebooting in 30 seconds..
> --init is present in sbin/init which is a soft link to ../bin/busybox
> --I used powepc-405-gnu-readelf -h bin/sh to verify that it is compiled 
> for powerpc itself.
> Any other suggestions ?

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