Full Linux distributions

Brian Silverman bsilverman at conceptxdesign.com
Fri Jul 4 05:25:45 EST 2008

I'm looking for advice into what Linux distributions (rootfs) people are 
using for the PowerPC.

Specifically, I'm currently using busybox for my core rootfs, but I'm 
looking for an alternative that will allow me to:
    - easily add new packages
    - is binary compatible with the PPC405. 440, and Freescale 85xx cores.
    - can be large (compared to the usual embedded devices), say in the 
100MB to 1GB range.  It will sit on an SD card.
    - Can be built/maintained under cygwin, and can generate a ext2 
image (e.g. with gen2extfs)

I've been looking at:
    1) rolling my own
    2) Mainstream distributions (e.g. Debian/Ubuntu have lingering 
support from PowerBook days; Gentoo seems like a possibility)
    3) OpenEmbedded (doesn't seem to currently support cygwin)

Anybody have any preferences based on what they've used?

Brian Silverman
Concept X, LLC

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