Linux issues on Xilinx XUPV2P board

Alan Casey alan.casey5 at
Fri Jul 4 01:18:56 EST 2008


  I have tried running the Linux 2.6.24 and Linux 2.6.26 kernels from on the Xilinx XUPV2P board but have run into a few problems.

  Cross-compiler i use to compile applications was built using Crosstools
  based on gcc 3.3.4. I use Xilinx EDK 7.1 for integrating hardware peripherals
  onto the board.

  The problems i've seen are:

  (i) gettimeofday software function returns time of 0 all the time.

  (ii) The Linux 2.6.24 kernel's Xilinx Framebuffer driver and/or the Xilinx

       PLB TFT Controller IP block (plb_tft_cntlr_ref_v1_00_d) does not appear

       to centre the display on a VGA screen properly(vertically offset).

  (iii) 64-bit write/read access to peripheral integrated onto the Xilinx

        Virtex-II Pro FPGA either causes a system crash or only lower part

        of 32-bit data to be written (i.e. lower part of 64-bit data appears
        to be mirrored on the upper and lower 32-bits of the system bus).
        However, 32-bit write/read access to the peripheral passes as well
        as 64-bit write/read access to the SDRAM memory address space.
        Peripheral interface has been verified to be IBM PLB compliant 
        via IBM bus functional model simulations. 

   (iv) The Linux 2.6.26 Xilinx Framebuffer driver on the Xilinx XUPV2P board

        does not appear to be working - nothing displayed to screen/console

        not switching to framebuffer device on bootup. 

   Just wondering if anybody has seen these issues before and know how to
   resolve them?

   Any info. appreciated,


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