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Joachim Meyer Jogi95 at
Wed Jan 30 21:03:54 EST 2008


I already succeded in setting up a Linux for the ml310. I'm trying to do it for the XUP Board now. The Problem I have is, that
in every HowTo I read I should set at the EDK's software settings under Library/OS Parameters:
Set PLB_CLOCK_FREQ_HZ to the PLB speed (usually 100000000)

But I can't find where to set it. With the ml310 there was this option. I'm using the EDK Board Definition File (.xbd), Pcores & Drivers from Xilinx:
EDK Version 9.1 SP2

If I ignore it and build the BSP there comes out an xparameters_ml300.h file which I copy to my Kernel sources.
When I try to compile, I get errors that the PLB_CLOCK_FREQ_HZ isn't defined.
Can I just add it to the xparameters_ml300.h file file (which I rename "xparameters_xupv2p.h") by Hand?

Greez and thx
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