Reminder: removal of arch/ppc - (Sequoia)

Olof Johansson olof at
Mon Jan 28 10:39:23 EST 2008


On Sun, Jan 27, 2008 at 06:05:06PM -0500, Steve Heflin wrote:
> The Sequoia board (AMCC-440EPx processor) is missing from the new 
> arch/powerpc. The Sequoia board is also missing from arch/ppc , but 
> there is support for integrated devices on the AMCC part inside 
> arch/ppc that needs to be incorporated into arch/powerpc. In 
> addition, there needs to be a "sequoia.c" file added to the 
> arch/powerpc/44x directory.  I have a good start on the missing 
> pieces and a test platform, is this contribution desired?

2.6.24 already has sequoia support in arch/powerpc. Are you looking at
an older tree?

olof at quad:~/work/linux/ $ head arch/powerpc/platforms/44x/sequoia.c
 * Sequoia board specific routines
 * Valentine Barshak <vbarshak at>
 * Copyright 2007 MontaVista Software Inc.
 * Based on the Bamboo code by
 * Josh Boyer <jwboyer at>
 * Copyright 2007 IBM Corporation

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