Reminder: removal of arch/ppc - (Sequoia)

Steve Heflin sheflin at
Mon Jan 28 10:05:06 EST 2008

The Sequoia board (AMCC-440EPx processor) is missing from the new 
arch/powerpc. The Sequoia board is also missing from arch/ppc , but 
there is support for integrated devices on the AMCC part inside 
arch/ppc that needs to be incorporated into arch/powerpc. In 
addition, there needs to be a "sequoia.c" file added to the 
arch/powerpc/44x directory.  I have a good start on the missing 
pieces and a test platform, is this contribution desired?

- Steve Heflin
   New Age Micro
   CEO & Software Engineer

At 11:55 AM 1/25/2008, you wrote:
>Just a reminder that the plan is to remove arch/ppc this summer (June
>2008).  The following boards still existing over in arch/ppc.  Some of
>them have been ported over to arch/powerpc.  If you care about one of
>these boards and its not ported speak up (it helps if you have access
>to the board).  Also, if you know a given board is free to die of
>bitrot let us know so we know not to worry about it:
>         PREP
>         PQ2ADS
>         TQM8260
>         CPCI690
>         EV64260
>         CHESTNUT
>         LOPEC
>         KATANA
>         HDPU
>         MVME5100
>         PAL4
>         POWERPMC250
>         PPLUS
>         PRPMC750
>         PRPMC800
>         RADSTONE_PPC7D
>         SANDPOINT
>         SBC82xx
>         SPRUCE
>         LITE5200
>         EV64360
>         MPC86XADS
>         MPC885ADS
>         ADS8272
>         BAMBOO
>         CPCI405
>         EBONY
>         EP405
>         BUBINGA
>         LUAN
>         YUCCA
>         OCOTEA
>         REDWOOD_5
>         REDWOOD_6
>         SYCAMORE
>         TAISHAN
>         WALNUT
>         XILINX_ML300
>         XILINX_ML403
>- k
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