USB device for ppc440epx

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Thu Jan 24 12:34:33 EST 2008

Hi, Josh:

Ooops, I didn't notice I have hijacked someone's thread, I thought I
created a new one. I am very sorry if I have done so, I'll be more

Regarding USB Mass Storage there are device drivers (Host side) of
course. However I am asking regarding USB device implementation itself.
Can you point me to source files where this implementation is present
for 440ep/epx?

Linux has several examples of devices (like Zero Gadget) and I have used
it with ARM CPUs. But I am not sure it is working on 440epx also.



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> Hi:
> does somebody have code example for USB 2.0 device implementation for 
> ppc440epx, preferably Mass Storage device, but any will do.
> If not for ppc440epx (Sequoia board), ppc440ep (Yosemite) code will 
> also help (according to CPU user manual USB device interface is 
> practically the same).
> If this is already present in Linux kernel tree (from what version?), 
> where it is located?

USB mass storage works on 440EP already.  It'll be in 2.6.25 in
arch/powerpc.  I would suspect 440EPx works as well.

BTW, it's considered impolite to hijack a thread to ask a completely
unrelated question.


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