MPC5200B SPI codec error when there is a heavy ethernet

Albrecht Moll amoll at
Wed Jan 16 04:37:16 EST 2008

> Txema wrote on 15 Jan 2008
> We have a MPC5200B based custom board running a 2.4.25 Denx linux
> kernel. We use the PSC6 in SPI-codec mode to exchange some bytes
> periodically in full-duplex with a peripheral.
> In 'normal' conditions this communication runs fine. But when we start
> sending packets over the Ethernet as a background activity, we see on
> the oscilloscope that one of the SPI transfers is interrupted.

Also just a shot in the dark:
I remember someone having similar problems with UART in AC97 mode.
I associated this with other FEC problems which boiled down to an issue

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