Linux for ml310

Joachim Meyer Jogi95 at
Tue Jan 15 10:10:46 EST 2008

Hi Enno

I believe, like Grant Likely said, I had the wrong Version of the Kernel, so the generated BSP for the ml310 didn't cooperate with it.
Anyway, I'm now using the 2.6 kernel, and with the help of Grant Likely, my Kernel boots till he can't find the rootFS (because there isn't yet one).
I prefere the 2.6 because my main "mssion" is to make an realtime Linux with rtai for the ml310 and I believe it will be easier for the 2.6 beacause there are more people who spent time with it.
The Problem I have is that I need a Network Interface and because I read, that the PCI Bridge doesn't work with the kernel I use, I have none, so I'll probably change to the XUP.

PS: I believe I made the correct configuration for the BSP, I also setted the clk-freq and the peripherals.

>Hi Joachim,
>I haven't tried the XUP or the ML310 yet, but I just managed to get
>Linux 2.4.26 from Bitkeeper running on a ML403 board (a Virtex-4FX12).
>However, I'm seriously considering moving to the 2.6 kernel, for
>various reasons.
>Your problems seem to be related to the BSP configuration. Have you
>set the corerct options in the Software Platform Settings of the EDK?
>In particular, you need to set the clock frequency and the attached
>peripherals in the "OS and Libraries" section.
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