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Grant Likely grant.likely at
Thu Jan 10 09:10:35 EST 2008

On 1/9/08, Joachim Meyer <Jogi95 at> wrote:
> Hi
> I switched "Xilinx uartlite serieal port support" and "Support for console on Xilinxuartlite serialport" on and "8250/16550 and compatible serial support" off, in the kernel config.
> Then I removed the things I added in the xparameters.h and compiled successfully.
> But I have yet a few Questions:
> - What would you recommend to use? UART-Lite or a 16550 serial port. Can I get a console running on the RS232 Port of the Board with both possibilities?

if you don't need to change the baud rate at runtime then use the uartlite.

Console works on both.

> - Can you recommend anything for my next steps to get an running linux (rootfs usw.)? So far I oriented myself on the Klingauf page, but I think it is perhaps not the best one because its too old and some things will probably not work the way he did it anymore.

Use either ELDK or buildroot.  Personally, I'd like to be using
OpenEmbedded, but I haven't been successful with that yet.


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