Linux for ml310

Joachim Meyer Jogi95 at
Thu Jan 10 08:29:59 EST 2008


I switched "Xilinx uartlite serieal port support" and "Support for console on Xilinxuartlite serialport" on and "8250/16550 and compatible serial support" off, in the kernel config.
Then I removed the things I added in the xparameters.h and compiled successfully.
But I have yet a few Questions:

- What would you recommend to use? UART-Lite or a 16550 serial port. Can I get a console running on the RS232 Port of the Board with both possibilities?

- Can you recommend anything for my next steps to get an running linux (rootfs usw.)? So far I oriented myself on the Klingauf page, but I think it is perhaps not the best one because its too old and some things will probably not work the way he did it anymore.

Greez & Thanks
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