Generic MMC-over-SPI binding?

Simon Richter Simon.Richter at
Thu Jan 10 04:17:22 EST 2008


Arnd Bergmann wrote:

> The important part where this connects to the mmc-spi driver is that
> you need to set spi_board_info->modalias to "mmc-spi", if the
> device node can be identified as an mmc card.

Doing that now, using the code you provided as a base. The SPI child 
device gets registered, but it appears something is still missing as no 
messages I could attribute to mmc-spi appear. My suspicion would be that 
it doesn't like the monolithic kernel for some reason (the mmc-spi 
driver registers itself as a driver called "mmc_spi", not sure if the 
modalias handling will catch that; still investigating there).

> Then you call that function after registering the master, from
> mpc52xx_psc_spi_of_probe.

I've changed mpc52xx_psc_spi_do_probe to have an additional argument for 
the OF device node of the SPI master; ARCH=ppc can call this with NULL 
as long as it still exists.


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