83xx, ucc_geth, kernel 2.6.23, IP-Config: No network devices

Jochen Friedrich jochen at scram.de
Tue Jan 8 00:52:47 EST 2008

Hi Russell,

> Next question, I can see that 'quick' mods I have made to the Marvell driver
> are indeed matching up with the device ID that the Freescale MII device is
> pulling back from my 'National' part. <I'll make a real phy driver once I
> get this working>. I.e. I can see the phy_probe get called when this Id is
> registered.  You can see the extra debug messages above the National DP83865
> device registration, and the probe returns 0 for success I assume. <err =
> 0>.
> I am still getting the "IP-Config: No network devices" error before the NFS
> boot tries to take place.

I would add some more debugging printk output to check where the device
initialisation fails. Or if the phy runs without any initialisation, you
could use the fixed-phy patches from Vitali Bordug and hardcode the speed and
duplex settings in the device tree until you real phy driver is finished.


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