porting linux 2.6 to ml410, no output after "Now booting the kernel", and some other questions

diak sim sim.diak at yahoo.com.cn
Sat Jan 5 14:53:05 EST 2008

my kernel is linux-2.6-vertex 2.6.23-rc2.
i make sure that the kernel is running, but nothing output to the serial terminal after "Now booting the kernel".
before load_kernel() return, i can use puts() to do some display.

i've selected 16550 serial port and add console=ttyS0 to the cmdline.
another question,
after load_kernel() function, where is the next step? is it head.S?
if i am in main.c using start_kernel() function, how can i output something to the serial?
referencing many info, so mass, i don't know how to debug this. the XMD provide a gdbserver to connect,
but when i use gdb to "target remote" it, it says packet too long.....

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