Sequoia NAND

Steve Heflin sheflin at
Sun Feb 17 22:39:43 EST 2008

I don't see where the new powerpc architecture and drivers/mtd/nand 
contains support for the NAND chip on the Sequoia platform.  We have 
a Linux 2.6.14 kit where Montavista has a driver in "sequoia_nand.c" 
which interfaces with the NAND device via NAND Flash Control registers:
    struct ppc440ep_ndfc_regs *sequoia_ndfc;
    struct ppc440ep_ndfc_regs {
         uint cmd;
         uint addr;
         uint data;
         uint reserved1;
         uint ecc0;
         uint ecc1;
         uint ecc2;
         uint ecc3;
         uint ecc4;
         uint ecc5;
         uint ecc6;
         uint ecc7;
         uint b0cr;
         uint b1cr;
         uint b2cr;
         uint b3cr;
         uint cr;
         uint sr;
         uint hwctl;
         uint reserved2;
         uint revid;

Is the Sequoia's NAND Flash Controller supported in the current Linux-2.6.25?


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