APU FPU in Virtex ppc405

Thomas Werne thomas.a.werne at jpl.nasa.gov
Sun Feb 17 18:34:59 EST 2008

A. Nolson <alohanono <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I have been checking and it seems that the APU FPU patches will give 
> some headaches now, so I will probably wait until they merge them with 
> the official GCC release. In any case, it seems that the FPU restricts 
> the PowerPC and bus frequencies to a max of 200/100.
> Anyway, thanks for the info. I will try to keep track of this in case of 
> an update.

Hi -

You can get the FPU to work with the 2.6.24rc3 Linux (I got it to work just
yesterday).  There are a couple of small changes you have to make to kernel
config files and to one of the .h files, plus you need to compile with the
-fshort-double flag to convert all doubles into floats.  Let me know if you're
still interested and I can post details and/or patches.


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