V4 FX12 and PLB TEMAC: no space for user logic?

Mohammad Sadegh Sadri mamsadegh at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 14 08:00:11 EST 2008


Our tests show that V4 FX 12 is really a small device. The FPGA was completely full with these set of modules:

1- CPU core and related circuits, 2- PLB TEMAC , 3- DDR SDRAM Controller , 4- PLB BRAM IF , 5- Bridges , 6- OPB UART and 7- OPB EMC controller (Used for interfacing to flash chips )

The synthesis tool we used during our tests was : XST
it seems that there are some solutions to have a more optimized implementation on FX-12, personally i visited one of the members here who claimed that he has two PLB TEMACs enabled on one FX-12 FPGA. I believe that this is not possible. may be if one use better synthesis tools such as Synplify he may get slightly better results.

any how, in my idea FX-12 is not suitable for serious projects, it is suitable only for beginning phases of a project and the research phase. 
We are now focusing on ML410, a great board by Xiling, featuring on FX-60 FPGA while keeps costs low.

any questions are welcom,

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> Subject: V4 FX12 and PLB TEMAC: no space for user logic?
> Hi Mohammad,
> I've just had a look at the messages you generously posted in the ml 
> about your experience with linux on V4 FX12 FPGA.
> I'd like to ask your opinion about FX12 practical usability in this 
> context (gigabit PLB TEMAC/linux).
> In this message
> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.ports.ppc.embedded/16816
> you say the device is completely full. If I understand correctly your 
> system provides just the devices required to run the bandwidth test so 
> it seems there is no room for user logic (I think you did not even add 
> the memory controller required to access the NOR Flash containing 
> bootloader, kernel image and root fs that is clearly mandatory for 
> standalone product). Is that true? If it is, this limits a lot the 
> flexibility of this architecture in this configuration. What do you think?
> Regards,
> llandre
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