TLB Miss booting linux kernel on ppc 405

David Baird dhbaird at
Thu Feb 14 04:51:05 EST 2008

On Feb 13, 2008 10:38 AM, Ricardo Ayres Severo <severo.ricardo at> wrote:
> I tracked the kernel execution using step one instruction (si) on gdb
> and matching the jumps with the
> It is a Data TLB Miss and this is the register dump after the miss occurs:
>     r1: 00502090
>     r2: 0000000f
>     r3: c00003c0
>     r4: c0000000
>     r5: 00000000
>     r6: 00000000
>     r7: 74747955
>     r8: 4c302c39
>     r9: 00000000
>     pc: 00001100
>     lr: 00000018

Can you also past the special registers (srrd in XMD)?  I am very
curious about SRR0 and SRR1 and maybe some of the others.

> Now I'm checking the PPC cache configurations on XPS, because when
> treating the DTLB Miss Exception a Machine Check Exception occurs when
> it works with L1. Does this makes sense or am I confusing things?

Too soon for me to tell :-)

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