External interrupts with UIO framework on mpc8313e

Frank Prepelica Frank.Prepelica at ubidyne.com
Mon Feb 11 22:24:00 EST 2008

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to receive external interrupts on the mpc8313erdb board.
I'm also using the UIO framework to register the interrupt handler. 

It works for me when I register the interrupt handler for external interrupt IRQ4 (irq = 20)
But when I'm trying the register the handler for IRQ0(48)-IRQ3(17-19) it doesn't. 

I'm using following simple code:

static irqreturn_t intHandler(int irq, struct uio_info *dev_info)
    printk("name: %s\n", dev_info->name);
    return IRQ_HANDLED

static struct uio_info myinfo = {
    .name = "IRQ4 Kernel Driver",
    .version = "1.0.0",
    .irq = 20,
    .irq_flags = IRQF_SHARED | IRQF_DISABLED,
    .handler = intHandler,

static int uio_probe(struct device *dev)
        return -ENODEV;
        return 0;

After booting the kernel, the driver (for IRQ4) appears correct in /proc/interrups and can be triggered.

I guess, this should also work for IRQ0-IRQ3 but it won't. IRQ0 cannot registered to 48 at all and the
other ones appear in /proc/interruts but they cannot be triggered (BUT shared with serial or i2c). 

I also checked the value of the SEMSR register and see that IRQ4 is set correctly.

Okay, I thought when I set the SEMSR register manually e.g. IRQ2 to "1" and trigger the correct interrupt signal I could see in /proc/stat a counting value. Nothing happened. But the BAD counter in /proc/interrupts is rising. 

Furthermore there's a mapping issue between the interrupt id number from the board manual
(page 8-10) and the output of /proc/interrupts. The kernel registers the i2c devices to 
ID 16 and 17 although the manual says they are mapped to 14 and 15.

Any hint is appreciate! 
Best regards

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