virtex uImage and serial ports

Joshua Lamorie jpl at
Thu Dec 25 09:48:01 EST 2008

Gidday there,

I am trying to get 2.6.27(ish) running on my custom Virtex-II Pro platform (I call it Q5).  I already have many years of running 2.4.26 and booting from u-boot.

The problem is getting the console running.  I have a device tree blob built and loaded into memory, and by peeking at __log_buf I can see that it is reading this okay (i.e. it is correctly finding my interrupt controller).  However, by the time it goes to mount the ramdisk as root, it complains that there is no console.

I'm fairly certain /chosen has stdout pointing to the correct UART, and the console arguments are ttyS0,115200.

In looking through the code however, I cannot figure out how the uImage code actually initializes the serial-ports for the XILINX_VIRTEX_GENERIC_BOARD.  As I understand it, the only place where serial_console_init is called, is within platform_init, and this isn't called for uImage.

So, three questions.

1) How is the serial driver supposed to know where the platforms serial ports are?

2) If I wanted to scrap u-boot and just copy kernel/ramdisk/dtb to memory, which kernel make target should I use?  dtbImage, simpleImage?

3) What is the best, most modern image to build that should be used by u-boot?

Thanks in advance


p.s. I've been trying with mainline, xilinx git and denx ELDK xenomai (2.6.24).  U-boot is built from latest git source.  DTS file built from XPS 9.1i with latest service packs, and turned into DTB with latest dtc source from git.

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