Device Tree setup for 8272-based board

Scott Wood scottwood at
Tue Dec 23 04:37:20 EST 2008

Daniel Ng wrote:
> Thanks for your helpful responses Scott and Ming Qian. Now, from reading the 
> docco can you please verify my understanding is correct?- 
> First, I need a basic DTS file which will give me a basic Device Tree. The 
> cuboot*.c file takes care of adding other parameters to the Device Tree passed 
> from u-boot via the old bd_info struct. 
> Is this correct? 


> If so, would it be possible to do away with the DTS file 
> altogether?

How, other than by encoding all the information about the board in code 
rather than data, which would be a step backwards?

> On the other hand, would it be possible to do away with the 
> cuboot*.c file by providing a complete DTS file?

Yes, though that eliminates the ability to dynamically set certain 
parameters from the firmware.  Better is to use an up-to-date u-boot, 
and have u-boot fill in the dynamic fields (MAC address, clocks, command 
line, etc) directly.


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