how to make a PowerPC executable??

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Tue Dec 16 23:26:27 EST 2008

Hi Umesh,

On Tuesday 16 December 2008 13:20:57 umesh krishnan wrote:
> Hi group,
> I have a little problem out here. I have some codes with me which i have to
> run on PowerPC based target. I dont have that particular hardware with me.
> Can anyone suggest a cross-compiler or an emulator, so that i can compile
> my codes in linux and make a PowerPC executable from here. I tried qemu but
> it didn't work.
> It was making a 386 executable rather than a powerpc executable. The cross
> compiler option 'powerpc-750-unknown-gnu-gcc' was not coming.. Instead it
> was to build a 386 based executable. I did everything following the
> "Emulation and cross-development for PowerPC" page in the link
> ..
> qemu-ppc emulator was installed correctly but the crosstool was the
> problem. Please help me out. I cant afford a VxWorks (For the workbench or
> the Tornado compiler). Any way out..
> Can i sit on windows and do something? Is there any emulator like that?
> I'm fairly new to this field. Kindly guide me through..

Building a gcc-based cross toolchain isn't that difficult nowadays. The 
crosstool scripts (available at should make 
your life much easier.

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