how to make a PowerPC executable??

umesh krishnan umeshdelhi at
Tue Dec 16 23:20:57 EST 2008

Hi group,

I have a little problem out here. I have some codes with me which i have to
run on PowerPC based target. I dont have that particular hardware with me.
Can anyone suggest a cross-compiler or an emulator, so that i can compile my
codes in linux and make a PowerPC executable from here. I tried qemu but it
didn't work.

It was making a 386 executable rather than a powerpc executable. The cross
compiler option 'powerpc-750-unknown-gnu-gcc' was not coming.. Instead it
was to build a 386 based executable. I did everything following the
"Emulation and cross-development for PowerPC" page in the link ..
qemu-ppc emulator was installed correctly but the crosstool was the problem.
Please help me out. I cant afford a VxWorks (For the workbench or the
Tornado compiler). Any way out..
Can i sit on windows and do something? Is there any emulator like that?
I'm fairly new to this field. Kindly guide me through..

Any help in this regard is most welcome.

Thanks in advance,
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