XUPV2P update to kernel 2.6 fails

John Linn John.Linn at xilinx.com
Wed Dec 10 10:09:07 EST 2008

You should visit http://xilinx.wikidot.com as there's more information there.

In general, this board is not directly supported, but is very similar to ML405, a board with a Virtex 4 and a 405 processor.


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> Subject: XUPV2P update to kernel 2.6 fails
> Hi all,
> I was wondering if anyone got the XUPV2P board successfully up and
> running with a recent 2.6 kernel?
> I didn't succeed. I tried the newest kernel from xilinx git (2.6.27) and
> also an older one, 2.6.22 (also from xilinx git). For the newer I used
> the "device-tree" as bsp. For the 2.6.22 I just copied over the
> xparameters_ml300.h file.
> In both cases no output at all was observable at the uart. Not even a
> single sign from the uart at any time...
> Strange is, the same download.bit file is working with a 2.4 kernel.
> Could it be a kernel .config issue?
> But can this really be a software/kernel issue? For the 2.4 kernel there
> was an output from the "bootloader"  (some addresses and the
> "Loading..." information) even for wrong configured kernels...
> On this list I was reading something about setting the uart clockfreq
> correctly in the .dts (it was not set at all, I have to stick with EDK
> 9.1). But this didn't help for me.
> To boot the FPGA I have to use an ace file on a cf-disc. For this I use
> the download.bit file together with the simpleImage.virtex405-XUPV2P.elf
> (on 2.6.27) or zImage (on 2.6.22)...
> Any suggestions on this? Thanks a lot!
> Regards,
> Jan
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