Is anyone using the C67x00 USB Host ?

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at
Wed Dec 10 08:11:44 EST 2008

>>>>> "David" == David H Lynch <dhlii at> writes:


 >> No activity on the interrupt pin or is it always active?
 David> Neither:

 David> The USB system does not function with interrupts, and the
 David> kernel reports lots of unhandled IRQ's.

Of the correct IRQ number?

 David> I beleive that
 David> int_status = c67x00_ll_hpi_status(c67x00);
 David> if (!int_status)
 David> return IRQ_NONE;

 David> is always exiting IRQ_NONE;

That would be suprising if the c67x00 is triggering the interrupt.

 David> If I replace the request_irq() call with installation of a
 David> timer service routine that basically periodically calls the
 David> interrupt handler, everything works fine - albeit slowly.

And what does c67x00_ll_hpi_status() return in your timer routing?

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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