Marvell mv64462 + mpc744x PCI Interrupt Cause Error Handling

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Hi Tiejun,
Thanks. That is very helpful; I had not thought to look inside the
drivers directory.

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Stephen Horton wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm really hoping Mark Greer or Dale Farnsworth sees this email. In my
> current project, we are in the process of updating a board that has a
> Marvell mv64462 system controller and a Freescale mpc7447A processor
> it. The board was originally developed with Gentoo Linux 2.6.9, but we
> have ported Linux 2.6.24 kernel onto it. The new kernel is working
> thanks to help from people on this list. However, in examining the
> differences between the 2 kernels, I can see that the 2.6.24 kernel
> registers no interrupt error handling routines (see PCI Error Report
> Register Map in the Marvell documentation). The error handlers for
> sram, and specifically for the PCI bus that were previously in:
>             /arch/ppc/syslib/mv64460_pic.c
> are absent from:
>             /arch/powerpc/sysdev/mv64x60_pic.c
> Can someone who is familiar with the history of the ppc->powerpc
> migration for this architecture help me figure out why the error
> handling wasn't ported over? Is there some reason for this, such as it
> didn't work properly or had some disadvantages? Is this error handling
> done in 2.6.24 in some more generic manner that I have not yet found?
> this an exercise left for me to implement?

Untill v2.6.27 you can find corresponding dts content such as cpu-error,
sram-ctrl, pci-error and mem-ctrl, in file, prpmc2800.dts. All events
handled on EDAC, error detection and reporting, as an unified mode. So
you can
track the directory drivers/edac/ for more information. I think these
are not
upgraded completely for v2.6.24.

Best Regards

> Thanks,
> Stephen
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