virtex4 RTOS with hw FPU.

Fillod Stephane stephane.fillod at
Wed Dec 3 21:57:47 EST 2008

vadik wrote:
> I have implementation of Virtex4 with hw FPU trough APU .
>Is there any Real Time OS that directly supports this implementation
>relying on sw floating point emulation.

This is a matter of tool chain and setup of your kernel?

>Xilinx Relesed GCC build of their own that is patched to support the
apu fpu
>implementation , but this helps me on the application level but if the
>kernel doesn't support this implemntation i have a problem .

Indeed, the kernel has to save and restore FPU registers upon task

You should look for CONFIG_PPC_FPU in the Kconfig of Linux.
I can't help you more, because I'm not used to the ppc in Virtex4.
However, there must be some appropriate forums on Xilinx site.

>linux is not RT enough , does the linuxwoks supports this kind of
>implementation ?

Have you considered Xenomai[1], the F/OSS hard real-time extension to
It works great on all range of powerpc's, and it is rock solid.



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