Marvell mv64462 + mpc744x PCI Interrupt Cause Error Handling

Stephen Horton SHorton at
Wed Dec 3 10:28:27 EST 2008

Hi folks,


I'm really hoping Mark Greer or Dale Farnsworth sees this email. In my
current project, we are in the process of updating a board that has a
Marvell mv64462 system controller and a Freescale mpc7447A processor on
it. The board was originally developed with Gentoo Linux 2.6.9, but we
have ported Linux 2.6.24 kernel onto it. The new kernel is working well
thanks to help from people on this list. However, in examining the
differences between the 2 kernels, I can see that the 2.6.24 kernel
registers no interrupt error handling routines (see PCI Error Report
Register Map in the Marvell documentation). The error handlers for cpu,
sram, and specifically for the PCI bus that were previously in:


are absent from:



Can someone who is familiar with the history of the ppc->powerpc
migration for this architecture help me figure out why the error
handling wasn't ported over? Is there some reason for this, such as it
didn't work properly or had some disadvantages? Is this error handling
done in 2.6.24 in some more generic manner that I have not yet found? Is
this an exercise left for me to implement?




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