Ron Sass rsass at uncc.edu
Mon Apr 28 06:36:50 EST 2008

Unfortunately, it is not that easy.  The Xilinx tool chain use
newlib but your Linux kernel (and rootfs) is probably built
around glibc.  When we've wanted to do a quick-and-dirty test of
something that relies on Xilinx's patches to gcc, we have used
powerpc-eabi-gcc to compile to assembler and then used our own
crosstools compilers to link and load.

That doesn't solve your problem but hopefully it explains the


> Is it possible to compile a Linux application using an EABI compiler 
> (specfically, Xilinx's EDK powerpc-eabi-gcc.exe)?
> The issue at hand is that we'd like for our customers to be able to use 
> the Xilinx EDK toolchain (which we know they will have) to compile Linx 
> apps without having to install another toolchain (crosstool, ELDK, etc).
> So, what I'm hoping is that the EDK toolchain can be configured to be 
> Linux compatible binaries, or that there is some kind of wrapper that 
> will handle the incompatible interfaces.  Searching around, I've seen 
> some mention of Linux EABI compatibility (for Debian ARM releases), but 
> I haven't found any clear concensus...
> P.S. My apologies if this message appears on the mailing list twice...
> -- 
> Brian Silverman
> Concept X, LLC

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