mpc5200 arch=powerpc kernel=2.6.24: how do I request external IRQ0-3?

Mike Timmons mike_timmons at
Sat Apr 26 02:14:51 EST 2008

I am confused on a very simple subject: requesting an external IRQ from
a custom driver I'm writing  for a lite5200b-based board running kernel
2.6.24, arch=powerpc. 


With the old arch=ppc I saw reference to MPC52xx_IRQ3 and such. I don't
see reference to specific IRQs under the powerpc arch. I am starting to
better understand the dts scheme for peripheral interrupts, but I am
hung-up on the seemingly simple task of requesting an external IRQ and
registering a callback from my driver:


request_irq(  virtual_irq_number_for_IRQ3_that_I_don't_know_right_now,
&my_callback, flags, name, dev)


For this to work do I need to create a child node in the dts that
specifies interrupts = <1 3 2> for IRQ3?  Must the IRQ I'm requesting be
associated with the dev argument to request_irq via the dts?


I just think I'm missing something very obvious as regards using
IRQ[0-3] on the mpc52xx. The DTS makes sens to me for peripheral
interrupts getting associated with their respective peripherals, but
when I want any old driver to use IRQ0-3 How do I request it?



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