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Thu Apr 24 12:02:44 EST 2008

Josh Boyer wrote:
> simpleboot is in Linus' tree now.  It went in with the first pull
> request paulus sent for .26.
    I got it, now to figure it out.
> I don't understand that comment anyway though.  If you're working with a
> PowerPC board, why aren't you using the powerpc tree (paulus') to begin
> with?  "Backporting" pieces of it to some other tree seems to be a waste
> of time to me...
    I am updating a port I did in 2005 ? based on the  ml403 port that
was in at that time.
    But it is an independent BSP. I need to move it to the current
    but I have to do so without breaking alot of things we have have
working for years.

    At the moment I am somewhat "surely" about a number of the issues
related to the powerpc/devicetree migration.
    Aside from the BSP issues, this breaks my boot monitor, and is going
to require adding alot more code than I can either justify
    or see as necescary because there are some aspects of how the
devicetree/powerpc stuff is architected that
    politely I think are brain dead.

    But I will get over it - probably. There just may be a bit of
cursing and foul language before things work.

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